Rand Paul steals the spotlight from his Texas rivals

Texas is the hot-spot for Republican politics and Sen. Rand Paul, R – KY, just stole the spotlight from potential presidential candidates, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Paul has his sights set deep in the heart, with the Texas primary expected for March 1.

rand paul

It was just announced that Paul will be getting highly coveted support from Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri, who is expected to resign from his position and join Paul’s advisory team for a possible 2016 presidential run, reported the Wall St. Journal.

“I’ve known the senator for 33 years and what I’m most impressed with about him is his commitment to expand the party’s reach,” said Munisteri. “Our party cannot be successful, we cannot retake the White House if we do not do a better job of reaching out. Senator Paul had that message since he’s been in office,” said Munisteri.

Having grown up in Texas helps cement Paul’s roots within the state, but the support from Munisteri could be the real boon Paul needs in a highly competitive field of possible Republican presidential candidates.

Munisteri has vast political connections and has experienced presidential campaigning when he backed Perry in 2012. He founded the Young Conservatives for Texas in 1980, and Sen. Paul lead the group when he attended Baylor University, according the WSJ.

The personal history between Munisteri and Paul might be the most important asset to their potential success.

“We’re really pleased to have Steve and his experience joining Team Rand,” said Doug Stafford, a senior Paul aide. “I’m sure there are many folks in Texas who would be happy to have his support but he has chosen Sen. Paul because has the best chance to win nationally.”


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