John Kerry slapped with a fine from city after citizen complaint

Secretary of State John Kerry was issued a ticket this week after a citizen filed a complaint.

Who knew it was that easy?

In the aftermath of “Snowmageddon,” about six inches of snow piled up on the sidewalk outside Kerry’s primary residence in Boston, and he was cited by the city after someone complained, The Hill reported.

The ticket will set Kerry back $50.

In his defense, Kerry had just returned to the U.S. earlier this week after a weeklong trip to England, Switzerland, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, according to The Hill.

Nevertheless, one would think that a man as adept at shoveling bullsh*t as Kerry is, and athletic enough to go windsurfing, would blow through six inches of snow in no time.

Or, with an estimated net worth somewhere between $184 million and $287 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, perhaps Kerry could pay some poor slug to shovel his sidewalk for him.

As it turns out, Kerry does employ a snow removal company, but there was confusion over yellow hazard tape put up along the sidewalk to warn pedestrians of potential danger, according to the Boston Herald.

“The snow has all been shoveled now, the Secretary will gladly pay the ticket, and let’s hope this is the last blizzard of the year,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement.

Photo Credit Boston Herald

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