Things get HOT when Megyn Kelly drills Dem general: Is Obama’s Islam strategy a failure?

When Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed four-star Gen. Wesley Clark on “The Kelly File” Wednesday night, she had one question she wanted answered:

Did the former Democratic presidential contender agree with three retired, four-star generals who testified in the Senate this week that U.S. policy to defeat radical Islam is failing.

“U.S. policy records refused to accurately name the movement as radical Islam,” Gen. Jack Keane testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee.  “We further choose not to define it, nor explain its ideology. And most critical we have no comprehensive strategy to stop it or defeat it.”

Clark, a former NATO Commander who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, took a more hesitant stance when Kelly asked if he agreed that the US policy has been too soft on the growing threat.

She specifically questioned why the Obama administration seems incapable of describing the international terrorist threat as stemming from “radical Islam.”

“We in the United States, used ‘radical Islam’ to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, we begged the Saudi’s to put the money in, they did… this is all part of this,” Clark said.

Kelly tried to get Clark back on track and asked if the reluctance to naming the danger that faces the free world comes from political correctness and if we are being controlled by fear.

“You’re not going to deal effectively with this threat unless you understand what the source of it is. It’s not just the zealousness of radical Islam. It’s fed and fueled by the geo-strategic ambitions of powers in the region,” Clark said.

Not satisfied with his answer, Kelly hammered Clark on a litany of missed opportunities the U.S. failed to engage in regarding Syria, Libya and leaving Iraq too soon.

Clark’s defense of the administration continued until Kelly straight out asked him why they won’t call radical Islam by name.

“You’re going to have to ask the spokesman for the administration,” Clark said.

Good luck with that.


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