Scott Walker fed up with faculty lounge gripes: How about professors work a little harder?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, is taking open jabs at university professors and their lax workload, saying a little more help from professors might ease coming budget cuts in higher education.

Photo Credit: The Nation

As he made clear during a radio interview Wednesday, the two-term Republican governor, who has led Wisconsin out from under fiscal debt with “common sense conservative principles” is not done reforming the state.

As a way to continue his path to prosperity and keep more money in the hands of Wisconsin residents, Walker proposed to cut $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system over the next two years, Politico reported.

Preparing for backlash, Walker got in front of his proposal as he explained it to WTMJ.

“Maybe it’s time for faculty and staff to start thinking about teaching more classes and doing more work,” he said.

Walker also reminded his constituents that his son attends the University of Wisconsin.

“So, of course I have a vested interest in making sure that works well,” he said.

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Nicole Haas

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