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Boehner mocked without mercy for ‘I was the tea party’ claim; ‘Hitting the sauce again, John?’

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Politicians say the darndest things.

House Speaker John Boehner sat down Wednesday with Fox News anchor Bret Baier to discuss a number of issues, including the pushback from some in his own caucus during this year’s election for speaker.

“Is this your last time around?” Baier asked.

“No, no, no,” Boehner laughed. “I’ll be here for a while.”

Baier asked the speaker if he’ll be able to get “everyone working together on your side of the aisle,” and that’s when the tea party came up.

“Listen, I was the tea party before there was a tea party,” Boehner dared to say. “I understand their concerns. I understand their frustrations. But we have a Constitution that we abide by and we’re going to live by.”

Say what?

Bohner was tea party before there was a tea party?

As expected, skepticism ran amok on social media. Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York posted Boehner’s words on Twitter, prompting a wave of snarky responses that included one asking if the speaker was “hitting the sauce again.”

Here is a sampling, as seen on Twitter:

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