No joke: Black talk radio says Tom Brady has ‘white privilege,’ heads explode

Will Al Sharpton have a new cause now?

The Deflategate “controversy” over whether the New England Patriots cheated in their Jan. 18 AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts is now firmly a part of yet more racial conspiracy theories, with commentators on black radio openly calling the situation a classic case of white privilege.

Social media users are taking the charge sarcastically. “No joke,” one Twitter user posted. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Check out the commentary here:

blacktalkradio0128newPatriots quarterback Tom Brady is white. Patriots coach Bill Bellichick is white. Therefore, the charge that the Patriots played with deliberately deflated game footballs is being treated differently than it would be if the men were black, one Black Talk Radio Network commentator claimed in a broadcast uploaded to YouTube Jan. 22.

“This is a perfect example of what white privilege means,” he said, giving no supporting argument at all.

Instead, he constructed a straw man case, arguing a black quarterback – like Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson – would be automatically disciplined.

“Russell Wilson’s a cheater, you shouldn’t allow him to play in the Super Bowl,” he said, mocking white commentators. “Or Cam Newton, remember he got in trouble stealing the laptop in college and that’s why he had to go to junior college, then to Auburn … I knew he was a poor character. Those thugs they don’t do nothing but cheat.”

It’s a classic liberal/progressive/Democrat strategy: Make up an argument out of nothing (Russell Wilson and the Seahawks haven’t been accused of anything), make up a conservative response out of nothing (no conservative is calling for Wilson to be suspended), then slam conservatives for being racist for how they didn’t respond to a fantasy argument.

Fortunately, social media is around to attack the “logic.”

Just ask O.J.

CORRECTION: This post has been updated to clarify a reference to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.


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