Dramatic rescue of 3 children from apartment fire captured with helmet cam

It’s a miracle caught on video.

Four firefighters from Fresno are being hailed as heroes after footage surfaced of them rescuing three children from a burning apartment in California.

On the “point-of-view” video captured from the helmet cameras of the firefighters, a woman can be heard screaming that her children were trapped inside the raging inferno.

The video shows the firefighters walking past an electrical fire as they search for the children.

Then, one by one, the children are seen being brought to safety.

“You start thinking about it. You look at your kids, you look at your friends’ children and the images come back,” Fresno Fire Captain Christian Palmer told ABC 7 Fresno.

“It makes you proud to know that hopefully you’re making a difference,” he said.

The children are currently in the care of child protective services while the Fresno police investigate the mother’s whereabouts at the time the fire broke out.


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