Black NYT writer ‘fuming’ about son’s detention leaves out HUGE detail that changes everything

Even  by lying liberal standards, this is a disgrace.

charlesblow0128The New York Times columnist who used his position to argue that his son’s being detained at gunpoint by Yale University police over the weekend showed how dangerous the world is for young black men neglected to mention one crucial fact:

The cop who stopped his son was black, too.

Charles Blow, a chronic racial whiner who thinks he’s God’s gift to the Old Gray Lady when it comes to black issues, made a big deal of his son’s brief detention to his 124,000 Twitter followers and millions of Times readers.

He was “fuming,” he tweeted.

He was also shading things considerably. In a detailed column that relied entirely on his son’s account of the incident Monday, Blow left out entirely that the officer involved was black. He never said the cop was white, either, but the implication was unmistakable. (Or maybe his son never mentioned that the cop was black? Or the race-obsessed Blow didn’t ask? Please.)

And had it not been for an email from Yale’s administration on Monday, it was an implication that would have stayed – which was almost certainly Blow’s intention.

The email said, in part:

“Let us be clear: we have great faith in the Yale Police Department and admire the professionalism that its officers display on a daily basis to keep our campus safe. What happened on Cross Campus on Saturday is not a replay of what happened in Ferguson; Staten Island; Cleveland; or so many other places in our time and over time in the United States. The officer, who himself is African American, was responding to a specific description relayed by individuals who had reported a crime in progress.”

Since being a Times columnist means being a Times liberal, and since being a Times liberal means mangling the truth, Blow tried to cover himself Tuesday night with the ludicrous argument that he didn’t mention race when he wrote about the Eric Garner case.

Yeah, right.

So add Blow’s yarn to the list of shameful race hoaxes libs have been using to gin up racial tensions in this country. Trayvon Martin was a thug beating up an innocent man and libs have turned him into a martyr. Crazed cop-attacker Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., becomes a victim in the liberal pantheon.

Doesn’t deserve it? Lying and race-baiting are what The Times pays him for.

But even by lying liberal standards, this is a disgrace.

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