Amazing video: Woman steals cop car WHILE HANDCUFFED, leads police on wild chase

You have the right to remain seated.

A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with stealing a police car and other crimes after she performed a circus-like maneuver of climbing into the front seat of the cruiser, while handcuffed, and leading police on an 80mph chase.

Police said it all started when Roxanne Rimer, 27, was being detained by a loss prevention officer at a Kohl’s outside Pittsburgh on suspicion of stealing earrings, according to Newsday.

She ran from the store and jumped into a car driven by her grandfather.

The car was pulled over soon after and that’s when things got interesting.

After Rimer was placed in the patrol car’s back seat, police said, she managed to climb through a partition and drive off, smashing into her grandfather’s car along the way.

Her mother, Malinda Greene, told Action 4 News that she witnessed her daughter pull off the feat while she was being detained in another cruiser.

“She’s just little,” she said. “She wiggled her way through.”

Greene told Action 4 she watched as her daughter made her move.

“With her left knee, she steered the steering, and with her right knee, she used the gas and the brake,” she said.

Now, instead of simple shoplifting, Rimer faces charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, fleeing and eluding police, and robbery.

They’re going to be tougher to wriggle out of than a cop car’s back seat.

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