O’Reilly awkwardly makes Megyn Kelly defend NY Times glowing ‘puff piece’ on her: ‘Jealousy is an ugly emotion, Bill’

Is Bill O’Reilly feeling footsteps?

On Fox News Monday night, the host inexplicably put down a glowing New York Times Magazine profile of fellow Fox star Megyn Kelly that ran Sunday, calling it a “puff piece” and wondering openly why Kelly was getting good ink from a publication that generally despises Fox.

“I can’t recall them ever saying anything good about anybody on this channel, but apparently they like you,” O’Reilly said, with seeming good grace.

“They don’t like anybody else on the Fox News Channel, but they like her!”

Kelly handled the puzzling outburst with good humor (“jealousy is an ugly emotion, Bill”), and defended the lengthy profile by Times Magazine senior political correspondent Jim Rutenberg as a “fair piece.” (Which it was – surprisingly enough. Check out “The Megyn Kelly Moment” here.)

“Not only was he fair to me, he was fair to Fox News Channel and our boss Roger Ailes,” Kelly said.

The piece was also “fair” to O’Reilly, she pointed out.

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything in there to make him uncomfortable.

As Rutenberg noted at one point:

In November, when she was covering the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., Kelly beat O’Reilly among the 25-to-54 demographic, marking the first time any Fox star had done so without audience-boosting presidential debates or conventions running into their time slots.

O’Reilly’s joking little act Monday night might have been intended to be funny, but it didn’t come off that way at all.

“They don’t like anybody else but you,” he told Kelly.

Is Bill O’Reilly feeling footsteps?

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