Muslim Brotherhood organizing to influence upcoming US elections in Obama’s home state

After 11 years of exile, Sabri Samirah, a member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, has returned to the U.S. and launched into political activism.

Taking full advantage of his lifted travel ban, courtesy of President Obama, Samirah has organized his Muslim base to impact local politics.

Sabri-SamirahObama’s home state of Illinois must have seemed like a logical place to start for the newly formed organization going by the name UMMA (not an acronym, but an Arabic word meaning worldwide community of Muslims).

The group was made official in September 2014, when UMMA was established by the Illinois Secretary of State, with Samirah named as the registered agent. UMMA succeeded the United Muslim Americans Association to formally promote the political ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Center for Security Policy.

The newly formed UMMA already held its first candidates forum in DuPage County, just before the midterm election. About two dozen, mostly Democrat candidates showed up to address the crowd of about 100.

As noted on the UMMA website, according to the Center for Security Policy,

“The goal is to communicate with and educate candidates and officials, and ask them to respond. Let us have no illusion, the stronger constituency we are, the more forthcoming they will be toward us. We should have no wishful thinking! Yet, we have great numbers and resources. Once we have a stronger role in elections, everybody will be seeking our support!”

The Center for Security Policy obtained a series of photos seeking to portray a patriotic message from the UMMA website shortly after it was launched last October.

One of them, of President Obama stating at the United Nations, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” has since been taken down, the CSP reported.

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