Jeb Bush has the solution to our immigration problem: ‘Politely ask them to leave’

Potential 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush has a brilliant plan for our  growing immigration crisis: “Politely ask them to leave.”

Why didn’t anyone else think of that?

Speaking at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in San Francisco on Friday, the former Florida governor said  that “first and foremost we need to control our border.”

Then he got to the specifics.

“The 40 percent of the people that have come here illegally came with a legal visa and overstayed their bounds,” he said. “We ought to be able to figure out where they are and politely ask them to leave.”

That ought to take care of it.

Most Floridians are not surprised given Bush’s long-time stance on immigration. He made headlines last April when he  Jeb Bush told Fox News illegal immigration is ‘not a felony, it’s an act of love.’


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