Charlie Hebdo massacre survivor says Obama wasn’t welcome; calls his record ‘an absolute scandal’

A survivor of the Islamist attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo is glad President Obama didn’t attend a Paris rally of world leaders for free expression, noting that Obama’s own record on freedom of the press it too spotty to brag about.

Photo Credit: The Mirror

“You have to be very happy [Obama] didn’t come to the march in Paris,” investigative reporter Laurent Leger told a French radio interviewer, according to the Huffington Post.

“[His administration’s actions are] an absolute scandal.

It’s one of the great, ugly ironies of American journalism that a president who was so universally – and shamefully – supported by mainstream media is entering the twilight of his term known as an aggressive antagonist of the news media, aggressively pursuing leaks and even putting reporters under surveillance.

On Monday for instance, The New York Times reported that a former CIA officer was convicted of leaking information about an operation to thwart Iran’s nuclear weapons program to a New York Times reporter in a case that pitted the administration against its most loyal supporter in the American media.

Leger also had harsh words for the British government – noting it had also prosecuted leakers – and the Western media as a whole for ignoring Islamist atrocities like the Islamist group Boko Haram’s reign of kidnapping and murder in Nigeria.

But for American readers, it was his criticism of Obama that carried the most weight. It’s doubtful that a journalist for a leftist French alternative newspaper has much in common with American conservatives – almost nothing, in fact – but when it comes to the Obama administration’s hypocrisy, he was dead on.

Obama’s Justice Department, with Eric Holder as attorney general, has prosecuted eight people under the 1917 Espionage Act, a wartime law passed under another disaster of a “progressive” Democrat president named Woodrow Wilson.

That’s twice as many as under all other presidents combined.

“It’s very good he didn’t come to the march that day,” Leger said.

Joe Saunders

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