Muslim woman sues police department, demands special treatment for arrest photos

A Muslim woman in Michigan is suing her local police department for forcing her to remove her head scarf after her arrest for driving with a suspended license.

The woman, 24-year-old Malak Kazan, a resident of the heavily Muslim Dearborn Heights area, claims Dearborn Heights police humiliated her and forced her to violate her Muslim faith while she was being booked into jail, according to ABC 7 in Detroit.

The suit, filed in federal court, seeks to force the Dearborn Heights Police Department to change its policy regarding the hijab, which the woman’s attorney said should only be removed in the presence of women or close male relatives — not  in arrest photos.

It also wants to force officers to undergo sensitivity training.

Police department policy does not allow head scarves in booking photos, which are intended to identify those arrested.

News of the lawsuit drew precious little sympathy.

And this one pretty well sums it up.

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