More bad press and YUCK: Obama caught pulling out his gum while talking to India’s PM

President Obama’s showcasing one of his bad habits to the world again.

On hand for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi Monday with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he committed what the Times of India called “an ungainly sight.”

According to the Times several people posted pictures of Obama removing chewing gum while Modi was talking to him. An act that seemed disrespectful to many.

The Times rightly pointed out that chewing gum at important functions has become somewhat of a habit for Obama.

In June he angered the French when he was spotted chewing gum during a World War II commemoration ceremony and in November he agitated many in the Chinese press by partaking of his favorite confection during the Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation.

It is believed by many in the media that Obama uses gum chewing as part of his effort to kick the habit of cigarette smoking.

Many don’t care what his reason is and expressed their outrage on Twitter.

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Carmine Sabia


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