Judge declares ‘Nutella’ and ‘Strawberry’ illegal baby names

France still has a long way to go in the name of free speech, as courts continue to rule against monikers families give to their own children.

French courts are the ultimate decision makers regarding a private citizen’s name, according to The Telegraph. As did learn two families that were made to change their chosen names for the daughters, Nutella and Fraise (Strawberry).

nut strawThe name Nutella was reported by the Valenciennes registrar to their local prosecutor. Not amused by the unique signature that is more widely recognized as a delicious chocolaty-hazelnut spread, the incident was brought to court.

The ruling did not come out in the family’s favor, as the judge feared it was not in their daughter’s best interest because “the name of a chocolate spread” may “lead to mockery and unpleasant remarks.”

The young child was not left nameless, as the court, in the absence of the parents (who did not show up at the hearing), renamed her Ella.

This was not the first case of its kind in Valenciennes. A similar hearing last January took place regarding a couple’s decision to name their daughter Fraise (Strawberry). In this case, the judge decided that the name would spark ridicule as it’s similar to a bristly French phrase that means, “get you’re a—over here.”

On review of that decision, the family re-named their daughter a more suitable Fraisine.

French parents can choose whatever name they like for their offspring, reported The Telegraph. However, cases like these prove parents can choose all they want, they just may not be able to keep them.

Last week, the French “name police” have even gone so far as to go after a dog owner and demand he change his terrier’s names, “Itler” and “Iva” because they too closely resemble “Hitler” and “Eva Braun.”

Ironically enough, another name trend is taking off in France, according to The Telegraph.

French kids are being named after characters from the popular, yet gruesome “Game of Thrones” series. So-far-so good for the parents of these kids, and there’ve been no reported court cases regarding mandatory name changes yet.

French registrars and courts might be fans.

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Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

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Nicole Haas


4 thoughts on “Judge declares ‘Nutella’ and ‘Strawberry’ illegal baby names

  1. Kimber TLE says:

    Thank goodness for Dweezil and Moon Unit, Frank Zappa wasn’t French!

    1. Germany had a list that you had to pick names from, but they must have made it larger b/c muhammed, achmed, etc. are options now 😮

  2. Dr. Theophilus Algernon Tanner says:

    Wait until the French Name Police courts get backlogged. Imagine being told at age 50 you have to change your name…

  3. 277Volt says:

    Anyone that wants to name their kid Nutella should absolutely be allowed to as long as the parents name is changed to Idiot or Moron – their pick.

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