Crowd erupts as DREAMers get deported from 2015 Freedom Summit

Emboldened by the media attention given to their public protests, the illegal immigrant activists known as DREAMers showed up at the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit demanding to know where the mostly conservative crowd stands on immigration.

They found out when they were getting kicked out.

DREAMers played a large role in Obama’s unilateral executive action on immigration last year. Hillary Clinton gave her support for what is widely known as “Obama’s amnesty” via a Twitter post, though that might not be enough to quell the anxiety growing among the young illegals, reported.

“What else will she do?” said activist Cesar Vargas.

Despite Clinton’s apparent support for their vision, DREAMers hounded her on the campaign trail and pressed her repeatedly during her book tour.

“This is not just about political tactics, it’s about real questions, there are real people affected by this, whether they’re parents or workers, Vargas said. “All 2016 hopefuls say, ‘We want to talk to the real Americans.’ Well these are the real people affected by these policies.”

Potential 2016 GOP hopefuls Texas Gov. Rick Perry and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie were interrupted by the protesters during the recent summit, according to

Cheers erupted after activists were escorted out for repeatedly shouting over Perry.

“2016 is around the corner so we want to see where Republicans stand, would they overturn [Obama’s actions]? Vargas asked.

“Would they deport DREAMers?”

Support for in-state tuition and other entitlements is something activists will be looking for in a future potential candidate.

“Ted Cruz is a lost cause,” Vargas said. “He’s a far-right political figure for the tea party. Chris Christie, Scott Walker, on the other hand, they’re trying to stay away from the issue, we want to know where they stand. Jeb Bush, he’s seriously considering not only running but also working with the Latino community.”

Bush’s accommodating stance on illegal aliens has been known going back to his days as Florida governor. In a speech at the National Automobile Dealers Association in San Francisco this weekend, he took a softer line than any prominent Republican presidential hopeful.

“The 40 percent of the people that have come here illegal came with a legal visa and overstayed their bounds,” Bush said. “We ought to able to figure out where they are and politely ask them to leave.”

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Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

"Nicole Haas is an author, activist, and writer of all things parenting, pop culture and politics. She seeks to champion truth and liberty with the hope that her children and future generations have a fighting chance."
Nicole Haas


8 thoughts on “Crowd erupts as DREAMers get deported from 2015 Freedom Summit

  1. Tarth says:

    “politely ask them to leave.” This is one of the reasons this country is going down rapidly lately. This was said by a Republican who is related to 2former presidents.

  2. JGalmama says:

    Visa overstays can adjust status there is no reason they wouldn’t want to apply.

  3. Doug says:

    Rip. This is your hot button.

  4. AFlaVet says:

    ““Would they deport DREAMers?”

    You bet your parasitical taco buns we would and should. Who the hell do these interlopers think they are anyway?

  5. Sammi De La Cruz says:

    Bush was saying just a short time ago that illegals had rights here. I guess he is getting the message that he has no hope winning with that message and changed his tune. Don’t buy it I will vote for someone who has always said out with the illegals!

  6. Ed Sorrels says:

    Take them to the border aand send them back to where they came from, We spent 200 or so years building this wonderful country, Let them go home and build their own !

  7. John Dedon says:

    This administration has caused this to happen, America is a land of laws not Liberals that twist them for votes. Illegals should all be deported period! If you are legal and your parents are not, they still need to be deported (parents) they chose it let them pay the price!

  8. Gregory Scarpino says:

    when did breaking the law become ok? Illegal is illegal…deport now.

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