CBS panel becomes enlightened: Dear White House, ‘You are just not aware of what’s going on’

The Obama administration’s foreign policy doesn’t exist — it’s based wholly on wishful thinking, with no basis in reality, according to the panelists on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” Sunday.

“As the president said Tuesday night [at his State of the Union address] he wants to turn the page, saying the crisis, shadow of crisis is passed, but you can’t make it so by saying it,” The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank said.

CBS News Political Director John Dickerson noted an “asleep at the switch quality” to the president’s foreign policy.

President Obama “held Yemen up as a model” during his Tuesday night address, Dickerson said, “and critics are now saying, ‘Wait! You’re holding up a country as a model that’s now fallen. You are just not aware of what’s going on.’”

Citing other missteps and misstatements by the president, Dickerson concluded, “It’s a question of whether the administration really knows what’s going on.”

The mainstream media is finally catching on to what conservatives have been saying for over six years.


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