Woman scores bag of cash at Burger King drive-thru — and gives it all back!

Talk about having it your way.

Instead of the sweet tea and junior spice chicken that New Hampshire resident Janelle Jones ordered at a local Burger King restaurant, she got the surprise of her life: a bag full of cash —
$2,631, to be exact.

The stunned customer admitted she and her husband thought about keeping the windfall.

“We are not perfect human beings,” Jones’ husband, Matthew Jones, told the Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Matthew and Janelle Jones
Matthew and Janelle Jones via Facebook.

When they opened the bag at home they found two bank deposit bags and a loose $100 bill.

Even though they could have used the money, the couple are devout Jehovah’s Witnesses and returned it because “Jehovah sees everything,” Jones told the Daily Democrat

The couple returned the money about an hour after receiving it, to the delight of the store’s employees.

“It felt a lot better than keeping it,” Matthew Jones said.

Janelle Jones said she was happy knowing the good deed likely made employees’ day.

“One person said they were going to get fired, so it felt good knowing we helped them keep their jobs,” she told the Democrat. “A manager told me they would give me five free meals. The manager said he talked to the corporate office and they said to tell me, ‘thank you.’”


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