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This World War II vet just wants to pay his taxes — but the IRS claims he’s DEAD!

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A World War II vet is putting a new spin on the old saying about death and taxes.

He wants to pay his taxes, but the IRS insists he’s dead.

Photo Credit: Columbus Dispatch

The situation first came up last April, when 94-year-old Siegfried Meinstein tried to have an accountant file his tax return online, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The IRS refused to accept the filing, noting that the Social Security Administration had listed Meinstein as deceased. Meinstein’s son took him to a Social Security office to get a letter stating he was, in fact, alive.

(It turned out Social Security never thought he was dead anyway, according to the Dispatch.)

When that still wasn’t enough, the Meinsteins – father and son – went to an IRS office in August to show the elder Meinstein was still among the living.

That still wasn’t enough, apparently, as the IRS soon wrote again to note that it could not process Meinstein’s tax return because he was dead as far as the tax agency was concerned. Two more letters came in the following months affirming that – to the still-breathing Meinstein.

The IRS declined to discuss the Meinstein case because of privacy laws, according to the Dispatch. But it insisted it got its information from Social Security and that the responsibility for correcting any errors were Social Security’s. (Meinstein apparently has no say in the matter of his existence.)

Meanwhile, according to Fox News, the IRS has written again, wanting to know why it had received a $14,000 payment on taxes Meinstein owed for 2014. (It also wanted to note that it could not find his tax return.)

Of course, the Meinsteins know that any twist Siegfried Meinstein has put on the adage about death and taxes being inevitable is only temporary. Something’s got to give.

“If they keep insisting, what is it you say?” Ron Meinstein told his father. “Eventually, they’ll be right.”


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