Michelle Malkin pushback makes ABC pundit backtrack; who are you calling weird?

While most pundits took pot shots Saturday at the conservative Iowa Freedom Summit, one journalist saved his harshest critique for the citizens of the Hawkeye State.

In a tweet, ABC political director Rick Klein said of a man with a stack of Jim DeMint photos he wanted autographed, “Yes, people, Iowa can be weird.”

Enter Twitter’s conservative queen of snark, Michelle Malkin, who called Klein out.

“Why is it ‘weird?’” she asked in her own tweet. “Some people collect baseball cards. Some people collect politicians’ autographs.”

Klein promptly backtracked and agreed Malkin was right.

“Guilty,” he replied. “I collect baseball cards. Proudly. I should know better than to question hobbies, yes.”

That didn’t stop Klein making fun of Iowa, though. Shortly thereafter, he told fellow ABC News analyst Matthew Dowd his depiction of the Hawkeye State, calling Iowa “somewhere between a cable green room and a national convention on the weirdness scale.”

Classy Klein.

But hey, he did have enough common sense to slither out of a Twitter war with Malkin.

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Carmine Sabia


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