Michael Moore thinks he’s the pope now? Lefty’s new potshots at ‘American Sniper’ draw hail of scorn

Michael Moore surely believes in the adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

michael-mooreLike other fading stars on the left who’ve preyed on the immense popularity of the film “American Sniper” to get their names in the news, the rotund filmmaker has realized that trashing former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is a sure-fire way to resurrect a faint glimpse of whatever relevance he once held.

After being inundated with personal attacks for criticizing the film and calling snipers “cowards,” Moore initially tried to couch his comments, saying he was not talking about Kyle.

But as the firestorm grew, and the morbidly obese moonbat experienced a level of publicity not seen in years, he has apparently decided to not let a serious crisis go to waste.

Hollywood liberals aim for the moral high ground in their efforts to “Vietnamize” the war in Iraq, and Moore ran with that banner in a series of tweets posted Saturday asking: “What Would Jesus Do?”

And the coward continues to take veiled, underhanded pot-shots at Kyle, knowing full well there is no chance he’ll ever come face-to-face with the vet.

His comments as seen on Twitter:

As expected, and hoped for, social media users pushed back. Here are a few responses as seen on Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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