Judge Jeanine rips Obama, Michael Moore: Chris Kyle is a true American hero!

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro called Michael Moore and others who criticize “American Sniper” hero Chris Kyle unworthy of carrying the late sniper’s backpack.

“Some things are irrefutable,” Pirro said on Saturday’s show. “War is war. A rose is just a rose, and Chris Kyle is a true American hero. And, I for one, am sick and tired of people who aren’t worthy of carrying his backpack taking cheap shots at him and the other heroes who go to war, many returning with fewer limbs to do what has to be done, to protect the rest of us.”
the rest of us.”

Pirro compared Kyle’s bravery and love of God and country to that of a man who never misses an opportunity to knock his country.

“Leftist Michael Moore, who wouldn’t last one day in basic training, said snipers are cowards and shoot people in the back and [are] certainly not heroes,” she said.

The former judge and prosecutor also lambasted President Obama and government leaders, saying she wished they were more like Kyle, who “was clear as to who the enemy was.”

“I am grateful to Michael Moore for one thing. Michael, you woke a sleeping giant, the American spirit.” she said. “Yes, Chris Kyle was an American hero who wore big boots. Cowboy boots, Michael. Boots which neither you nor any of your Hollywood friends could ever dream of filling.”

The Twitterverse echoed the judge’s sentiments.


Carmine Sabia

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