Editor stands his ground on calling illegal aliens ‘illegals’: ‘People are sick and tired of lawlessness’

A California newspaper editor, whose company offices were vandalized after the paper used the word “illegals” in a headline to describe immigrants who have entered the United States illegally, stands by the headline and will continue to use the term in the future.

The Santa Barbara News-Press touched off a firestorm with a Jan. 3 front page headline reading, “Illegals line up for driver’s licenses.”

This prompted protesters to deface the newspaper’s offices with graffiti stating, “Fight back” and “The border is illegal not the people who cross it.”

A similar front-page headline appeared in the paper’s Jan, 16 edition, above an article written by Scott Steepleton, city editor of the News-Press.

He appeared on Fox and Friends Sunday to explain his decision to co-host Tucker Carlson.

He told Carlson that the paper has been using the word “illegals” for at least 10 years, although other publications have stopped using the term.

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“We don’t believe in capitulating to people who are going to tell us how to run our newspaper,” Steepleton said. “We don’t ask people what we should write beforehand and we’re not going to ask people what we should write beforehand going forward.”

The Associated Press Stylebook substituted the term “undocumented immigrants” in place of “illegal aliens” several years ago, a move that’s been criticized as bowing to political correctness.

“We are a private business in the United States of America in the state of California and we are choosing to run ourselves the way we see fit,” Steepleton stated.

“I think the fact that people across the country have subscribed to our paper online, through NewsPress.com after this thing has erupted, shows that we are touching a nerve across this country, that people are sick and tired of a lawlessness everywhere in the United States.”

Watch the full interview above, via Fox News Insider.

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12 thoughts on “Editor stands his ground on calling illegal aliens ‘illegals’: ‘People are sick and tired of lawlessness’

  1. Beckery49 says:

    They are ILLEGAL ALIENS not undocumented citizens, CRIMINALS not misunderstood youths, TERRORISTS not practitioners of Islam, RAPISTS not sexual offenders.PERVERTS and DRUNKS not politicians. It is about time we stop the PC BS and start making those that assault our good sense (and senses) accountable instead of giving in to the crap they keep shoveling on top of us.
    I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!! I have the right to my own opinion and whether you think it is correct or not, it is still MINE! A mind persuaded is a heart unchanged.

  2. Patrick Maher says:

    It’s comforting to know that if you object to people who are in violation of federal immigration law committing additional crimes that those same wonderful newcomers who all contribute to society with absolutely no downside, will actively seek to damage your property, which is also ill…uh, not sanctioned by legal authority. I know that if I had a choice I’d want someone whose first action in the country was a premeditated violation of federal law moving into my town. Knowing that they’ll work hard at their illegal jobs, for illegal wages and stay in the country illegally while thumbing their noses at our laws should make us all so happy. We’re so lucky that these people, who revere our laws, are making our lives so much better.
    People really believe that BS? Check out the GAO report on illegal alien crime in the US. Google “GAO report 11187 criminal alien” and read how they enhance our lives everyday.

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