‘Was it all about using us?’ Watch black Chicago leaders have their say on Obama’s SOTU

No matter how rosy a picture President Obama paints of the American economy, Obamanomics isn’t working, according to a group of community leaders and organizers from Chicago — all of them African-American.

After Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday, the group gathered at Wallace’s Catfish Corner to offer their on-camera response to the “anti-establishment, citizen journalism” YouTube channel, Rebel Pundit.

“Tonight, the president has spoke, and a Republican has spoke,” grassroots activist Paul McKinley said on the video. “And now, we’re going to speak.”

“The country’s more racially divided,” McKinley said. “You haven’t corrected that.”

Then he moved on to the economy, saying:

Everybody needs to be on your case about that. You got on national TV talking about ‘a middle-class economy works.’ For who? Who’d it work for? Why, it’s not even working for the middle-class people. They not even, they’re losing their houses. What middle-class economy you talkin’ about?

Activist Joseph Watkins said he hopes the 114th Congress, now firmly in Republican hands, will neutralize Obama’s signature programs, saying:

We hope the Congress defund Obamacare. We pray that Congress do away with your amnesty executive order, giving and providing illegal aliens and immigrants working permit to make sure the black man don’t get jobs in our own community.

McKinley wondered what all the excitement over Obama’s 2008 campaign was about.

“Was it all about using us?” he asked. “Was it all about getting all the people behind you to get you in the White House?”


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