Video: Nugent rocks ‘Star Spangled Banner’ for Chris Kyle, reveals ‘dream’ pick for president

Rocker Ted Nugent brought down the house by playing a rousing rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Outdoor Channel’s 15th annual Golden Moose Awards, and then dedicating it to the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

“You can’t do this in France. Freedom isn’t free. This is dedicated to then heroes of the military. God bless the military warriors, especially the snipers. God bless the snipers,” the “Motor City Madman” told the audience Las Vegas audience.

“This is for Chris Kyle and in defiance of all the pieces of s**t who don’t get it,” he added.

Watch the performance (Strong language).

Nugent later told The Blaze’s Dana Loesch that his 2016 presidential candidate pick is former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“Given that the conditions in our White House are embarrassing and as corrupt as they are, there are thousands of great Americans that would be better than Barack Obama,” the rocker said.

“But, we don’t want just better than Barack Obama. We want real statesmen, real Constitutionalists. And I know why my quality of life in Texas is so supreme: Because of Rick Perry and our other elected employees. … And we the people of Texas remaining engaged and demanding accountability,” Nugent reasoned.

“So if my current dream could come true, I would love to see the American helm handled by the great Rick Perry,” he concluded.


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