Mom stunned by unexpected backlash after sharing photo of six-pack abs

British fitness model and mom Abby Pell did not expect to spark a firestorm by posting a photo of her muscular stomach.

But when she posted the photo on Instagram in April 2014, with her 6-year-old daughter pointing at her six-pack abs, the blowback was almost immediate.

I have a kid, a six pack and no excuse,” the caption on the photo said.

“I just thought it would be funny,” she said, according to “Good Morning America.”

Several critics bashed the fit mom, accusing her of “fat shaming” and setting a poor example for her daughter.

“She’s teaching her kid that anyone who doesn’t conform has no excuse, they’re just lazy,” one commenter said.

Others, though, commended Pell.

“I think this pic is great,” one woman wrote.” “I myself have lost 50 pounds and workin on my next 50. I think people are jealous.”

Pell’s intention was to inspire, not bring shame to anyone, she told ABC News.

“My message was about having a choice, and showing people that it can be achieved if you want to achieve it, and just by leading by example,” she said.

Another woman said she appreciated the example Pell was setting for all moms.

“Thank you!!! As a mom of four I really wondered if it was possible to even have hope that I’d get my body back,” the commenter said. “Thank you for giving me the hope!”

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