Krauthammer picks Marco Rubio as ‘underestimated dark horse candidate’ to win 2016 GOP presidential primary

The venerable Charles Krauthammer selected U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio as the “dark horse candidate” to win the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

Fellow panelist Steve Hayes asked Krauthammer Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” how he’d place his bets if given $100 to go Las Vegas and bet on the race.

“$40 on Rubio, $30 on [Jeb] Bush, $15 on Scott Walker and I’d blow the rest on booze,” Krauthammer said.

When question about his choice, Krauthammer said Rubio is “my underestimated dark horse candidate.”

“Young, energetic. He’s got a program and I think if he runs against Hillary, the contrast, say the vigor, the energy that Kennedy-esque idea will be be a major one,” he added.

Given the same scenario, Hayes also placed the most money on the freshman senator from Florida, splitting $30 on Rubio and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. He also placed $15 on Bush, $10 on Ted Cruz and the remaining $15 on the entire field.

The other panelist, Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter, put $40 on Walker, $25 on Bush and split the remaining $35 evenly on the entire field.


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