John Bolton explains ‘no-go zones’

With all the controversy over whether “no-go zones” really exist in some areas of Paris and London, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton offered a common-sense take on the issue.

Appearing Thursday on the radio program “Morning on the Mall” on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C., Bolton said that there are areas that “prudent people,” including the police, avoid at “certain hours of the day.”
“What has happened in a number of European countries is that immigrants have come in,” Bolton said, according to the Free Beacon. “They have kept to themselves in France or the suburbs in Paris … and the phrase “no-go zones” has been used over and over again for a number of years.”
But he explained that the separation is not necessarily official.
“It does not connote a complete loss of sovereignty by the government,” he continued. “It does not connote an officially legislated ‘Apartheid’ kind of separation. These are just residential areas that prudent people don’t go in at certain hours of the day … nor do the police. Not because of official policy but because they’re worried.”
Bolton went on to say that the assimilation of immigrant populations poses a serious challenge to these cities.

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Tom Tillison


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