Bill Maher, Howard Dean call Chris Kyle ‘psychopath patriot’ who appeals to tea party crazies

Add comedian Bill Maher and Howard Dean to the list of liberals attacking the film, “American Sniper.”

On Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the host said the film lacked nuance and amounted to pro-America propaganda.

“‘He’s a psychopath patriot, and we love him,’” Maher said of those who enjoy the movie.

Maher took pointed issue with protagonist Chris Kyle saying of terrorists, “I hate the damn savages.”

“It doesn’t seem like a Christian thing to say,” Maher said.

Maher’s guest, liberal champion Howard Dean, not only agreed with the host’s characterizations of Kyle and the movie, he took the opportunity to attack the tea party.

“There’s a lot of anger in this country, and the people who go to see this movie are very angry,” Dean said. “I bet you if you looked at a cross section of the tea party and people who go to see this movie, there’s a lot of intersection.”

Thankfully, author Bret Stephens and comedian Bill Burr injected some sanity in the show, disagreeing with the liberal assessment.

“Did you go to see this movie?” Stephens asked Maher, who said he did. “I can’t believe you came away with that impression of the film. It was not just about war. It was about PTSD. It was about what the wives of soldiers go through. And by the way, the savages he’s talking about, OK, aren’t ordinary Iraqis. The savages are al-Qaida killers who put drills into children.”

Burr also defended Kyle.

”You can’t sum up a man by one quote taken out of context,” he said.

Of course, Twitter lit up with jabs at the leftists.

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