OH SNAP! Rand Paul’s stabbing ‘common core’ shots at Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney seem to backfire

Rand Paul, the GOP senator from Kentucky, engaged in some Twitter-sniping at former Governors Jeb Bush of Florida and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. But they didn’t have the effect on his followers that Paul more-than-likely was looking for.

All three — Paul, Bush and Romney — are considered 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls, and the Kentuckian got the buzz going by tweeting:

Bush was Paul’s first target, zeroing in on what Bush is becoming infamous for.

One Twitter user noted a peculiarity in Paul’s tweet.

Paul shot back:

Then the senator turned his attention to Romney, noting that this isn’t exactly Romney’s first time around the presidential campaign block.

And this got its share of replies, including these:

But for all the trash-talk, the main thing Paul drew was a lot of criticism. Here are a few examples:

And, for my favorite:

There are times when it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut. For the senator from Kentucky, this may have been one of those times

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