Megyn Kelly is going for crazy lips in interview with Obama, but is she game for Froot Loop bath?

Megyn Kelly has plans for her future interview with Barack Obama.

Not at all willing to cave to the Froot Loop bath, the popular Fox host said that she’s going to go for the crazy lipstick.

“If I ever get to interview the president, I am bringing a big picture of myself with crazy lipstick,” Kelly said. “I’m going to put it behind myself during the interview.”

Kelly and Fox News’ media commentator Howard Kurtz both agreed with many members of the White House press corps: President Obama’s decision to be interviewed by three non-serious YouTube personalities made for some terrible optics.

It was “beneath the dignity of the office,”  Kurtz told Kelly Thursday.

After running a short clip of GloZell Green, one of the YouTubers, cavorting in a tub of milk and Froot Loops. Kelly showed a second, depicting Green presenting the president with several tubes of her signature green lipstick, one for his “first wife.”

“Look, Glozell is a star, she’s funny, she’ll probably have her own NetFlix show next week,” Kurtz told Kelly. “But since when did eating milk and cereal out of your bathtub become an audition for interviewing the president of the United States?”

“Here’s my question for you,” Kelly said. “Yemen was like collapsing today, and al-Qaida is really big there, and he’s sitting down with Glozell. Doesn’t anybody say, ‘These might not be the best optics for us.’”

Her observation echoed an earlier one by Kurtz.

“It just seemed beneath the dignity of the office to be hanging out with some of these YouTubers,” he said.

“It looked like Obama was going to the D-list of Hollywood after-partiers,” Kurtz concluded.

His final prediction is that GloZell will follow in Kelly’s footsteps and score a cover story profile in New York Times Magazine, an impressive accomplishment that has the industry a buzz this week.

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