In epic response, Mike Rowe takes on publication that falsely accused him of ‘screwing up’

Disproving the theory that most Americans are cowards when it comes to discussing race, “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe responded to a fan’s question about events in Ferguson, Mo., back in December by posting some thoughtful remarks on Facebook about the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

To summarize, in Rowe’s own words, he suggested “the fastest way to avoid similar tragedies was to root out and condemn bias in law enforcement, and discourage people of all races from resisting arrest.”

A point of view that was not well received by The Inquisitr, which ran an article explaining how Rowe got it wrong and Americans have the right to resist arrest.

The critique served to get Rowe’s dander up, resulting in an epic response this week on his Facebook page.

Rowe suggested that the The Inquisitr “dedicated a whole article to disproving something I never said in the first place.”

“This is called a ‘straw-man argument,’ or a ‘logical fallacy,’ and it’s typical of the demagoguery that surrounds this topic on both sides,” he wrote.

“Michael Brown and Eric Garner died because they got into a confrontation that could have been easily avoided,” Rowe said. “That’s what made their deaths so tragic.”

He went on to offer a very sobering assessment of the argument put forth by The Inqiuisitr that Brown and Garner had a right to resist: “… let’s assume both men had the law, and The Inqiuisitr, firmly on their side. They’d still be dead.”

Read Rowe’s full remarks here:

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