Cowardly Al Sharpton dodges Oxford debate on race in US; ‘doesn’t want to be exposed for what he really is’


The so-called Rev. Al Sharpton may be a shakedown artist, tax dodge and race provocateur, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

Faced with the spectacle of an even-handed battle on institutional racism in America with well-versed adversaries, a cowardly Sharpton backed out on a previously agreed upon Oxford Union debate.

Sharpton was expected to join Black Panther leader Aaron Dixon and liberal blogger Mychal Denzel Smith to debate race relations in the United States with conservative pundits David Webb and Joe R. Hicks, plus BBC radio host Charlie Wolf.

Sources say Sharpton asked Oxford to allow him to simply speak at the event, which will continue, without participating in the debate, according to Breitbart News.

Because Reverand Al does so well in one-sided conversations.

“He wants to control the event, because he won’t debate the facts and the real issues including how his own conduct impacts race relations in the U.S.,” Webb said. “He doesn’t want to be exposed for what he really is – a shakedown artist and racial coward.”

Clearly, Webb has Sharpton’s number.

“After years of conning people into giving him money by fanning the flames of racism, he’s just too afraid to have a civil, fact-based conversation about the issues of race in America,” he said.

Sharpton will be allowed to speak for 20 minutes before the debate, but Oxford stipulated he must answer questions from the audience and the opposing side.

Breitbart News said Oxford Union president Lisa Wehden assured Webb that they will have an opportunity to ask questions following Sharpton’s structured remarks.

Webb said: “It would be wrong to allow Sharpton to get away with just his usual thin, inflammatory rhetoric when this is supposed to be a substantive discussion.”

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