Anderson Cooper eats crow after attacking Fox, Bobby Jindal over ‘no-go’ zones

CNN has egg on its face after attacking Gov. Bobby Jindal and Fox News over statements made by both about Muslim “no-go” zones in Europe.

The issue refers to assertions — disputed by European officials — that there are areas of France especially where authorities simply stay out, leaving matters to local criminal gangs or Islamic clerics.

As it turns out CNN had guests on its own programs who made similar statements that went unchallenged by hosts.

Anderson Cooper apologized Wednesday during his program, “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“On Monday night on this program, we aired a report that was critical of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Fox News for continually saying that there were ‘no-go zones’ in England and elsewhere,” he said.

“I think if you’re going to point fingers at others’ mistakes, you should also acknowledge your own mistakes, and we didn’t do that on the program,” he said.

The big question is whether it was a “mistake” at all. Fox News commentator and conservative Charles Krauthammer, for one, wasn’t convinced by French denials, telling a Fox News “Special Report” panel Jan. 14 that the zones do exist, they simply aren’t acknowedged officially.

Regardless, watching libs like Cooper tripping over their own accusations has a certain amount of satisfaction.

I wonder how that crow tastes.

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Carmine Sabia


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