The awkward jaw-dropper Obama is being called out on

In a night of awkward moments, President Obama’s State of the Union criticism of the constant fundraising required by modern politics was about as awkward as it gets.

And his email blast right after the speech begging supporters — and BizPac Review writers — for money would have been even more awkward, if Democrats had a shred of the self-awareness they pretend to.

obamafundraiser0121“Many of you have told me that this isn’t what you signed up for,” Obama said, addressing the congressmen and senators, “arguing past each other on cable shows, the constant fundraising, always looking over your shoulder at how the base will react to every decision.”

Leave aside that “looking over your shoulder” business – normal people call that “democracy – Obama’s criticism of fundraising was a jaw-dropper. This is the president, after all, who spent almost the entire run-up to the midterms traveling the country on fund-raising jaunts that dwarfed President George W. Bush’s second term efforts.

Twitter, of course, took notice.

Before he talks to his own party, he might want to talk to himself. The pundits were still parsing when Obama’s first fundraising appeal went out via email to supporters all over the country — and even conservative website staff writers on the Democrats’ mailing lists.

“I hope you’re excited about the agenda I laid out tonight for 2015,” the president wrote in an email that came in at 11:12 p.m., a little over an hour after the speech ended.

“Now it’s time to get to work.

“Chip in $10 or more, and let’s go.”

That went over well with pretty much nobody. Besides sounding like a guy trying to take your lunch money, the president was putting his personal hypocrisy on full display.

And once again, Twitter noticed.

Now, that’s a pity.


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