Paris mayor to sue Fox News for insulting ‘honor and image’ of the city; way to get behind ‘freedom of press’

The city of Paris, France announced Tuesday that it intends to file a lawsuit against the Fox News Channel for allegedly damaging “the honor and image of Paris.” Less than two weeks ago, the Parisian mayor eulogized the slain “Charlie Hebdo” employees as “martyrs” to the cause of “freedom of the press.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo first announced the coming lawsuit on CNN, claiming that the cable news giant had disparaged the City of Lights by referring to its “no-go zones” that exclude non-Muslims. She alleged that because Paris is historically the world’s number-one tourist destination, it had been damaged by its potential visitor loss.

The network’s news hosts have apologized on air for recent reports about the “no go zones.”

But, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer and others have said that the areas do exist and the apologies are primarily because they aren’t officially designated.

Hidalgo’s stance with Fox News is an about-face from that which she took following the brutal attack on the “Charlie Hebdo” Paris offices by Islamic extremists. France-24 reported:

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, a Socialist, mourned the slain as “martyrs of freedom, of freedom of the press, the pillar of democracy”, and called upon all freedom-loving people to hold a solemn march in their memory Thursday.”

The irony of the situation, as well as the mayor’s hypocrisy, wasn’t lost on the social media crowd. Tweets soon poured in blasting Hidalgo.

But this example of “turnabout is fair play” was my favorite observation:

Fox News wasn’t the only one to draw fire this week for something like this. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was excoriated after referring to London’s own “no-go zones” during a speech he made there Monday.

“The radical left absolutely wants to pretend like this problem is not here,” he said, according to CBS.

Je suis Fox News. Je suis Bobby Jindal. We still love you.

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