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Outnumbered National Guardsman takes down 4 armed robbers at Sonic with the ultimate equalizer – his own gun

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It never ceases to amaze at how effective a handgun can be as an equalizer when facing numerically superior opponents.

A Georgia man sitting in a drive-thru at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant was confronted Sunday by a small gang of armed men who demanded his hard earned money, WSB-TV reported.

Little did the cowards know that the apparent “victim,” Joseph Toombs, a member of the National Guard, was also armed.

And not only did Toombs possess a weapon, he possessed the courage and skill to use it, according to the DeKalb County Police Department.

“The victim had his own handgun was able to shoot the suspect, who fell to the ground,” Lt. Mark Lavigne told WSB-TV. “The other two or three suspects fled from the scene.”

Police eventually captured two suspects, and the fourth suspect is still at large. WSB-TV said the suspect who was shot was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

See the full report here via WSB-TV:

Tom Tillison


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