Seahawks remove ‘We shall overcome’ tweet and apologize because . . . race bullies told them to

Have people just gone insane?

The Seattle Seahawks posted this tweet to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday and they were forced to remove it and apologize shortly after.

What? Why?

Based on predictable reaction from some professional victims, King quotes are considered too sacred to use in any context outside the civil rights movement. Clearly the Seahawks have no respect for the man and the movement based on this tweet, right?

I’m sorry that the person making decisions for the Seahawks didn’t have a backbone.

Race bullies win again. Welcome to Obama’s America.

Seahawks we shall overcome tweet

Both sides weighed in. Here are some responses that undoubtedly provoked the apology, and below are the more rational thinkers, in my opinion:

More mature thinkers were able to comprehend the meaning behind the tweet and not make a federal case out of it:

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Michele Kirk


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