McDonald’s gave a better SOTU in a commercial than Obama in 55 min – they acknowledge faith and prayer

Here’s an assessment of Obama’s speech on Tuesday that you probably haven’t heard.

“McDonald’s gave a better SOTU in a commercial than Obama will in 55 minutes of talking,” Stephen Miller tweeted on Sunday, referring to a new commercial that’s making waves around the Internet.

The ad, titled “Signs,” features an array of McDonald’s signs from across the country commemorating events ranging from those of national significance — like 9/11 and the Columbia space shuttle disaster — to local events like birthdays and anniversaries.

“McDonald’s is working very hard to rebuild its brand. Over the past couple of years it has taken a ton of hits. This new ‘Signs’ ad is incredibly heartwarming,” Tim Calkins, marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management told CNN.

On Twitter the response has been mixed, with many “lovin’ it.”

Others, however, objected to the ad as shallow and cynical.

McDonald’s addressed the controversy by releasing a statement.

“The powerful ‘Signs’ commercial has sparked commentary from consumers, and we’re happy to see that,” the statement read. “It is part of our campaign to listen more and have a deeper conversation with our customers, and this ad is achieving that.

“We’ve seen some strong praise and some negative comments. We expect that, and we welcome it.”

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