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Man gets ticket for ‘eating while driving’: ‘You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger’

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This would be tough to stomach.

An Alabama man got pulled over last week in Georgia for something virtually every driver in America has done: eating behind the wheel.

Madison Turner told WSB-TV he had just purchased a double quarter-pounder with cheese at a highway McDonald’s when he was pulled over by Cobb County police.

On the ticket, the officer notes “eating while driving.”

“The officer explained to me that he observed me eating a burger for two miles,” Madison said told the station. “He said specifically three times, you can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger.”

If you can’t, it’s not only news to millions of Americans and an entire industry built on “drive-thru service,” it’s news to veteran defense attorneys.

“If this was the law, I’d have to hire more attorneys because everybody does it including me,” William Head, a longtime traffic attorney who specializes in DUI cases, told WSB-TV.

“Maybe if you had a giant pizza in both hands and you weren’t holding the wheel or maybe if you had a watermelon, half watermelon and you were just diving into it holding it with both hands, maybe that would be something,” Head said.

In this case, it was the cop who had too much time on his hands.

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