James Woods: Michael Moore doing for ‘American Sniper’ what Obama did for gun sales

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore’s rants directed at “American Sniper” are actually boosting box office sales of the film, according to legendary actor James Woods.

“American Sniper” is a Clint Eastwood-directed film adaptation of the book of the same name. It depicts the life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Although Moore didn’t actually mention the name of the film in his critiques, he left little doubt what he was referring to.

But all Moore did was to help the film’s publicists, according to Woods, who tweeted Tuesday:

And Woods’ followers seemed to agree:

Woods also shot this tweet out to his followers:

Here are some of the replies:

Ouch! That one had to have hurt. But by far the best response came from Canadian business consultant and author Norman Leach, who tweeted:

On that note, Moore’s last film was “Capitalism: A Love Story,” released way back in 2009. It grossed $37,832 on its opening, according to Box Office Mojo.

“American Sniper,” by comparison, racked up $30.5 million in box office receipts on its opening day.

Moore better get cracking before his Twinkie stash runs dry.

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18 thoughts on “James Woods: Michael Moore doing for ‘American Sniper’ what Obama did for gun sales

  1. roadwarrior says:

    After Moore hit Eastwood for getting “Vietnam and Iraq confused in his
    storytelling” and having his characters call Iraqis “savages” throughout
    the film and Maher said it was nothing but the story of a “psychopath
    patriot,” a reporter from TMZ asked the director for his reaction.

    “They’re right,” he said succinctly, before closing the door to his car and driving away.

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