CNN host stunned as former SEAL, friend of Kyle calls Michael Moore’s career ‘A CONFIRMED KILL’

A former Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur had a scathing summation Monday of lefty filmmaker Michael Moore’s criticism of the box-office smash “American Sniper” – and particularly Moore’s characterization of military snipers as “cowards.”

During a panel discussion on “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon asked former SEAL Cade Courtley, a friend of the movie’s hero, SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, and president of survival gear retailer, his take on the Moore-generated controversy.

“Pretty much the last thing I want to say about this individual because he’s already gotten too much airtime is it just feels like somebody who’s desperate to try to be relevant again because he’s staring at a dead career,” Courtley said, with brutal frankness.

“As far as I’m concerned, his career is a really good confirmed kill.”

Lemon’s reaction is priceless.

As little as Courtley regards Moore, he said the Clint Eastwood-directed “American Sniper” hit the mark – especially with lead actor Bradley Cooper.

Courtley said he saw the movie last week with some veteran friends. The group left the theater speechless at first, he said.

“Once we got to the parking lot, we were all like, ‘Yeah, they did it right — thank God they did it right,’” he said.

Has anyone ever said that about a Michael Moore movie?

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