Anti-government filmmaker found dead in ‘murder-suicide’; supporters suspect conspiracy

A Minnesota filmmaker who wrote and directed a movie about the militarization of life in the United States – and the horrors of martial law – was found dead over the weekend in his Minnesota home with his wife and daughter in an apparent murder-suicide.

But supporters of David Crowley aren’t so sure he was the cause of his own death.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Crowley, his wife, Komel, and the couple’s 5-year-old daughter were found Saturday by a neighbor who noticed packages had been delivered to the home but never picked up from the front stoop.

Authorities said they might have been dead for weeks.

While police say David Crowley likely killed his wife and daughter then himself, conspiracy theories are flourishing.

Since Crowley was working to make a movie called “Gray State,” about the potential for a dystopian American future of government brutality, ID codes embedded in human arms, and a crumbled economy, conspiracy theorists are seeing something broader at work than a domestic tragedy.

Crowley was seeking crowd financing for the movie, and someone might have wanted it stopped, they say.

As KMSP, the Fox station in the Twin Cities, reported:

“The mystery has led to tabloid headlines and conspiracy theories. A Justice for David Crowley Facebook page popped up overnight, with people calling the deaths a government assassination.”


Check out the “Gray State” trailer here.

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