Americans who think MLK is still alive: Jimmy Kimmel calls interviews ‘most disturbing ever’

Instead of talking about free community college, President Obama should start focusing on people who should have never passed fourth grade.

Case in point:Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and its weekly installment of “Lie Witness News,” where the show asks people on the street ridiculous questions and compiles the most outrageous answers for airing on the two-minute segment.

This week’s question was, “What did you think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech this morning?”

Incredibly, host Jimmy Kimmel said while most of these segments take hours to get enough outrageous answers to create the piece, this edition took “no time at all.”

“Today, on Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we asked 14 people if they saw the speech Dr. King gave this morning, and seven of them said they had,.” Kimmel said. “And with that said, I present to you perhaps the most disturbing edition ever of ‘Lie Witness News,.’”

Kenny Patterson of Burbank, Calif., was the first to give his opinion on the speech.

“I thought it was great, you know?” he said.

No, Kenny, we don’t know.

Other people who don’t know appear in this video by Mark Dice where people believe King was the first black astronaut, a confederate general, is on Mount Rushmore and gave the Gettysburg Address.

Oh and they believe he died Monday.

(For the record, King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.)

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