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Michael Moore tries to explain ‘snipers are cowards’ remark, makes it worse

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Michael Moore has spent the past two days making an idiot of himself on Twitter.

Granted, making himself look like an idiot is not a difficult task for the lefty propaganda maker, but still it was like his mouth was falling down the stairs.

First, as BizPac Review detailed Monday, he tweeted a barely veiled insult at the film “American Sniper” and the hero it’s based on, the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Then he started on damage control which was disingenuous and transparent.

The Twitterverse was not going to let him off that easy.

Moore probably doesn’t even realize it, but he also sent out a tweet making him look like a champion of the Second Amendment and was called out on that, too.

Oh but here’s the sad truth of what he meant.

Carmine Sabia


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