Haters fault Google for ‘doodle’ honoring MLK ; it’s not good enough

Some people can find a problem with anything.

Google on Monday released a beautiful “Google Doodle” to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but critics decided to nitpick the art, the message and really anything they could think of.

The doodle was made by Roxbury, Mass., artist Ekua Holmes, a 59-year-old black artist who told the Boston Globe she treasured the opportunity to draw it.

“It’s very cool to think of representing him on his special day,” she told the Globe. “It will be a different thing to get up on the 19th and type in Google.com.”

She probably didn’t anticipate what typing in twitter.com would find.

Perpetual victims who can find aggrievement in anything.

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Carmine Sabia


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