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10-year-old girl brings Texas police officers to tears with her show of appreciation

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A young girl has touched the hearts of her local police officers and law enforcement nationwide by simply showing her gratitude.

Savannah Solis, 10, was so affected by the murders of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu on Dec. 20 in New York City that she has been determined to give thanks to as many officers as she can.

According to KXAN, the young lady spent her Christmas break writing “thank you” notes to police in Texas and New York. Many of which she delivered in person.

To my heroes. I want to say: Don’t stop. Please don’t give up,” Solis told police. “Many do not care or appreciate the sacrifices you make every day, but I do.

“Many are standing with me today to let you know that you matter,” she continued. “Officers across Texas, you matter to me. Officers in New York City, you matter to me. Officers all across America, you matter to me. Please keep taking care of us.”

Her mother, Debbie Solis, told KXAN that Savannah has wanted to be a police officer for as long as she can remember.

“We would drive by and see them stopping somebody and in the back seat she would pray, asking God to take care of them,” Solis said. “She wants to get as many autographs as possible because they are her heroes. She doesn’t look at celebrities like that, she does law enforcement. She adores them.”

The love goes both ways.

“I was so proud. The words she spoke from her heart touched every single officer,” Jessica Robledo, Austin assistant police chief said. “I noticed everyone was trying to blink back tears. That’s what it’s all about. She is an old soul. She knows the right thing to say, and I don’t think she even realizes the impact of her words to these officers and this department.”

Savannah feels the love from the officers.

“They always give me a hug. Or they say, ‘thank you,’ and I say, ‘you’re welcome,’” she said.

Hope for the future restored.

Carmine Sabia


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