Watch: While sleeper cells raided in Europe, Obama administration asleep at the switch

Sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists were raided in Germany, Belgium and France, one week after the horrific attack on the Paris editorial offices of the periodical, Chaelie Hebdo.

Although the raids netted dozens of arrests, they represent but a small fraction of what’s still out there. And that’s just Europe.

There may be as many as 180 additional committed Islamic terrorists, contained within 20 more cells, an unnamed Western intelligence source told CNN.

“There is a tremendous amount of concern over sleeper cells in Europe,” the source told the network, which reported has direct knowledge of the evolving situation.

But what about here in the United States, where security is more relaxed?

The FBI released video footage this week, from a 2012 sting operation, in which a 29-year-old male, described as “a Moroccan national living just outside of Washington, D.C.,” was committed to carrying out a suicide terrorist attack upon the chambers of Congress.

The would-be terrorist’s name is Amine El-Khalifi, and the undercover video is chilling.

“Let’s do it man, I don’t want to keep thinking about it too much,” El-Khalifi said, while brandishing a fully-automatic weapon in a Washington-area hotel room. “Let’s do it!”

“It’s a striking moment,” Washington, D.C. Field Director Andrew McCabe told ABC News. “Theme that you have to take away from seeing a tape like this is the understanding that these folks are out there. It’s a significant problem. There is a population of young folks, largely young men, who connect with that extremist message. They are inspired by it.”

El-Khalifi was a Moroccan citizen, who was living in the United States illegally.

McCabe described the possibility of a homeland terrorist attack as “very real.”

Since the video was taken, the borders have become more porous, immigration and naturalization agents are more accommodating, and the Obama administration — from the president down — still find it impossible to use the words “Islamic” and “terrorist” in the same sentence.

Watch the report, via ABC News.

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