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Lefty filmmaker Michael Moore calls ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle a ‘coward’; reaction is furious!

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“American Sniper” fans turned viciously Sunday on left-wing, hypocrite filmmaker Michael Moore when he insulted the memory of an American hero.

michaelmoore0118newSee, the hypocrite Moore knows how to make a fortune out of movies championing the poor (while he and his bank account grow steadily fatter) but he doesn’t know what to make of the stunning success of “American Sniper,” the movie about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who became the deadliest sniper in American military history during his service in the Iraq war.

Clearly in a porculent snit that the Clint Eastwood-directed homage to the late Kyle is on its way to a general opening weekend that could hit $100 million, the grossly overweight Moore took to Twitter to try to squelch the whole idea of Kyle’s heroism.

And betrayed his ignorance of military service — and patriotism — at the same time.

Here’s what Moore tweeted out Sunday.

It’s not enough that the man’s jealousy is showing through that his movies never have — and never will — attract the real that Eastwood’s biopic will. But he feels compelled to denigrate the memory of a man his superior in every way just to prove his point.

(His anti-Bush rant “Fahrenheit 911” was a huge hit in the heat of the 2004 election, but it was a polemic not an work of art. No one really liked the movie, not even libs, they just used it to demonstrate  how much they hated Bush.)

Fortunately, the country is full of people more than willing to let his lardship know the error of his ways — or at least let the rest of the world know what his real motivations are.

Here’a a sampling of responses. It didn’t go well for Moore:

And here’s the truest tweet of all, Moore’s considerable bulk notwithstanding.



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